Worldwide shipping

Purchase Flow


1.  Order.

We offer  you  to choose needed product from a great range of products, presented at our site After you have found the required product, add it to a Cart and create an order. For more information “How to order?” see here.


2. Payment.

During creating an order you will have a chance to choose a method of payment such as: PayPal, credit card. For more information “What methods or payment are acceptable?” see here.


3. Shipping.

After making a payment your order will be completed and sent to address, as it showed in order. Time for delivery depends on a chosen method of delivery. For more information about methods of delivery see here.


4. Receiving.

You can receive your order by courier or you can get a notice a purchase is waiting for you at your post office. We can’t say for sure how you will receive your order, because it depends on a chosen method of delivery and post service rules in your city.

After receiving your order, please, check your purchase. Be sure all items from your order is completed and working.


5. Enjoying.

Now you can enjoy your order!


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