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Leather Case 360° Rotating Stand for iPad 2 (Red)


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The stylish leather case will transform your iPad 2, supplementing it with perfection! Beautiful design accentuate your style and personality. Case not only protects 360° Rotating Stand your device from unwanted influences, but also improves the process of working with it!




250 х 195 х 10 mm


0.290 kg

Additional information:

This case is unique because it allows the iPad 2 to rotate 360°, due to this are three angle at which you can put the iPad 2, which provides for users maximum comfort and the best viewing capabilities. In addition, the back of the case study has a hole for the logo Apple. Case 360 ° Rotating Stand can be stand for easy viewing of video, photos, reading books, surfing the Internet. Reinforced cover protects the multi-touch screen from knocks, bumps and scratches. Soft suede lining will cherish your iPad2. All ports and controls are easily accessible. Cover automatically puts the device into sleep mode when you close and "wakes up" when opened. A perfect choice for you and your device.

Package Contents:

1 x Case

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