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Rain LED Shower Heads 200 mm Round


Price: $28.7

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Installed Water power generating system, there's no need to use battery or connecting power source, once connecting water, LED will shine. 

Color changes while the temperature changes: 

- LED is Bule while the water temperature is under 30℃ 

- LED changes to Red-Blue when the water temperature is 31℃-40℃ 

- LED changes to Red when the water temperature is 40℃-47℃ 

- LED shine red light while the water temperature is over 48℃ 

At the monent of water spray, it will show single color, you don't need to open light even in the shower room at night. 

The body is chrome electroplated, to bear strong anti-erosion, and the electroplating surface will shine and the luster lasts. 

The inner part adopts hight-lighted LED as light source to make your shower more colorful, and the water column sparks glittering luster. 

Adopting high speed magnetic electrical machine to ensure the LED light is driven on the extreme low water preesure. 

Inner core is the all closed advanced material to advoid rusting after long time water contacting and ensure the high efficience and steady working situation. 

Decomression water-saving valve is installed, it can control the water pressure effectively, and enhance the using span of electrical machine, meantime more water is saved. The water-saving valve contains the filterring net to leach the impurity to enhance the quality of water and prevent the electrical rotor from damage.

Size: 200 х 200 mm 

Material: Brass 

LED: 8 pcs  

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