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Self-Generating Three-Color LED Shower Without Batteries


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Product Information

LED lighting color: Green/Blue/Red(Temperature detectable)

Surface treatment: Electroplating

Casing color: metallic color

Products are International certification: CE certification and ROSH certification and obtain the certificate

When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically

low-flow water to maintenance a unique sense of comfort

Don’t need battery and the power cord;

When water flows down, the LED will light instantly and automatically;

When water temperature is ≤32℃, Green color will show automatically ;

When water temperature is between 33℃-41℃, Blue color will show automatically;

When water temperature is between 42℃-45℃, Red color will show automatically;

When water temperature is above 46℃, Red color will flash immediately.

This item will change its color by detecting water temperature.

Features: Ultra-quiet, no batteries and external power supply, the water can be brilliant, principle - generate water power.

Case Material: ABS

Operating pressure: 0.1MPA ~ 0.6 MPa

Life: 3 years

Consumption: 8L (0.6 MPa)

The total maximum size of 217 x 58 x 80 mm

Weight: 0.3 kg

Production standards: EU EN1112 (through CE and ROHS certification)

Packing: color box, built product unworthy of metal hose and bracket!

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