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Solar Charger 1300 mAh phone, digital cameras, PDAs, Mp3, Mp4 (Pink)


Price: $10

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Solar Charger is the faithful companion of mobile phones, MP3, MP4 and other digital products. It is easy in use and has compact size, built-in LED flashlight.

Devices that can be charged:

Phone for Nokia Samsung Motorola Sony Ericsson, digital cameras, PDAs, Mp3, Mp4

Solar panel specification:

5.5 V, 70 mAh

Input voltage:

5.5 V

Output voltage:

5.5 V

Output current:

300-550 мАh

Material of electric eye:

Multicrystal silicon solar

Material of electric eye surface:

1 mm chemically toughened glass


1300 mAh

Charging time for built-in battery:

10-15 hours by the sun, 6 hours or from your computer


93 x 43 x 10 mm

Package Contents:

1 x Solar Charger, 7 x adapters, 1 x mini USB cable

Solar Charger for mobile phones, music players and cameras
At our website you will find the Solar Charger 1300 mAh phones (Nokia Samsung Motorola Sony Ericsson), digital cameras, PDAs, Mp3, Mp4 (pink). The offered device is a great gift for anyone. You may see by yourself, as often there are moments when the phone or player is discharged in the most uncomfortable situation. If you have at hand Solar Charger 1300 mAh phones (Nokia Samsung Motorola Sony Ericsson), digital cameras, PDAs, Mp3, Mp4 (pink) this problem disappears by itself. You do not even need a steady outlet to recharge the battery used by the gadget. The main condition for the solar charger is sunny weather. The big surprise for all visitors of our shop will be surely the price of the device. None of the specialized shops will be able to offer a lower cost. We offer the best products at the most affordable prices.
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