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The Quirk Japanese Style LED Watch (black)


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Binary watch with red and yellow LED lights - a new and unique way to display the time data.
How to know time:
Press up or bottom button to flash up the screen. “H” LED will light and indicate hours at top right (2+4= 8 hours, 1+4=5 hours etc.). “M” LED will light and indicate minutes down the screen (32+8+1=41 minutes, 8+4=12 minutes etc.).
“AM” and “PM” LEDs will indicate day or night time.
Press up button again and the watch will show the date.

LED Light Color:

Red and Yellow

Case Color:


Band Color:


Case Material:

Stainless Steel

Band Material:

PU Leather


Time, Date

Function Buttons:

Two Function Buttons (right-side):
- First for hour and date display + select
- Second for mode change


Case Size: 25 * 40 cm
Case Thickness: 0.7 cm
Band Width: 20 mm
Band Thickness: 3 mm
Band Length: 24 cm




Press up or bottom button to light up the watch. Press bottom button and hold for 3-5 seconds till hours lights will start to blink. “H” LED will light. Now the watch is in hours set mode. Press up button to change hours. “AM” and “PM” LEDs will light after you will pass 12 hours. Press bottom button again to get to minutes set mode. Minutes light will start to blink and “M” LED will light. Press up button to change minutes.
To get to month set mode press bottom button again. “AM” and “PM” LEDs will light up. Lights at top right will start blinking. Press up button to set month. When it is ready, press bottom button again to get to date set mode. Down lights will blink. Pressing up button will change date. Press bottom button again. Down lights will blink in a row, what means the watch is saving the changes.

Package Contents:

1 x LED Watch, 1 x User Manual - English

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