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Wrist Watch Style Protective Case with Band for iPod Nano 6 (Blue)


Price: $40.64

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Stylish case on a leather strap designed specifically for iPod Nano6. Its design and comfort will delight you. It will be a wonderful addition to your iPod Nano 6.



Case color:


Band color:


Case Material:

Stainless Steel


253 x 40 mm

Additional information:

The case cover is made up of two parts, fastened together with 4 screws, as applied to a set of screwdrivers. Bаnd case - leather.

Package Contents:

1 х case

Safe operation of the iPod Nano
Modern technology is sometimes amaze even the most imaginative in its diversity and functionality. Thus, the world has not had time to properly enjoy the convenience of using iPod tablet, as the company has presented ​​to the customers another invention called the iPod Nano. And it must be said that over time it became even more popular to use! And if you can afford to enjoy the quality and functionality of this product, you should definitely pay attention to GGMM Case for iPod Nano. The GGMM Case made ​​of stainless steel in combination with a leather strap creates for your iPod Nano all the conditions for safe storage. Executed in shades of blue case has also stylish and elegant design. Thus, you can be sure that case for iPod Nano is a good investment!
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